Info on my ongoing efforts to create a King's Valley Level editor compatible with Windows as well as MSX1 and MSX2 Machines.

20th Jan 2017

• Released a Beta test version of a fully functional editor. To my knowledge, no bugs so far ;) Output files should be fully compatible with MSX, although I don't have a machine to try it on. You can download the package for free here

19/20th Jan 2017

• ELG decoding at 99.75%, but looks like rest can be considered 'don't care'
• Beta testing the hell out of a max-functions kv2 stage
• Added brick outline tool for aligning bricks perfectly
• Released a Beta test version. To my knowledge, no bugs so far

18th Jan 2017

• Some strenuous ELG file decoding, adding 4 of the last 16 unknown values

17th Jan 2017

• Adding AreaFill for brick, with tolerance
• Bug fixing for scaling and load/save
• GFX update for special- and extra- edit tools
• Updating ranges for automatic ELG im/ex-port testing

16th Jan 2017

• Added multi-level undo and redo buffer
• Added indication of unsaved changes

15th Jan 2017

• Added area fill for bricks
• Added room clear button
• Added stage clear button
• Added toggle room grid outline

14th Jan 2017

• Finally fixed the last of the weird corner cases for the room layout editor. I think. (No wonder Konami didn't add a layout editor.)
• Added 'number of items left' for soul stones, enemies and tools/traps.
• Added a UI button to spawn the manual.
• Added save conditions. Cannot save without player, door, or proper room layout.

13th Jan 2017

• Starting to add the first edit tools and their rules.
• Added an MSX1 theme.
• .ELG decoding at 99.27% -- but, the last parts are the hardest...
• Added an eraser.
• Updated the manual for the edit functions.
• Adding a fast, nifty roomlayout editor.

Click here for the latest release of the King's Valley Editor


  1. This is great work, thank you very much!

    Do you have a github repo? I would love to have a look. Also it would be nice if Linux was supported.

    1. Thanks, good to see there are still some KVII users out there ;) How did you come to his game? MSX user perhaps?